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How can Downer Designer benefit you?

You may have noticed on LinkedIn that we’ve proudly launched Downer Designer. In case you’re still not sure what it’s all about and how it can make life easier. We thought we’d give you a run through again.

Downer Framing’s Downer Designer is totally free and it’s designed to expedite your rainscreen framing project calculations, by enabling you to outline all your project needs, in a simple and intuitive online process. What’s best is that everything is managed in your own personal online space and you can store all your calculations and project packs in one handy place.

Introducing Downer Designer

Downer Designer, our newest innovation, serves as a free, intuitive online platform designed for architects and contractors. It streamlines the process of outlining your project’s specific rainscreen requirements, facilitating the creation of an ideal framing design within a personal and straightforward online environment.

A closer look at its features

This tool is designed to streamline your project planning process. Upon entering your specific project details, our technical team assists by providing:

  • Detailed static and thermal calculations
  • Comprehensive cost estimations
  • Optimised component and fixing configurations
  • NBS specifications, available for print or digital storage

Why you’re going to love Downer Designer 

  1. Saves time. Quick, efficient, and it gets you from A to B without the headache by offering swift calculations and tailored quotes.
  2. Reduces stress: With everything you need at the click of a button, say goodbye to project panic with our experienced team providing support at every step.
  3. Optimises your project: Tailored solutions mean your project’s specific requirements are met as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As you may have noticed, we’re quite excited about Downer Designer and believe it’ll make a big difference in how you approach your projects, so you not only meet but exceed the highest standards of efficacy and aesthetics.

While we’re proud of what it can do, remember it’s a tool to complement your expertise. Always double-check with a professional engineer.

For a more in-depth exploration of how Downer Designer can transform your project planning and execution, get in touch with our team on