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Your dedicated Downer Framing Technical Support Team

The Technical Support you need for all your rainscreen subframe needs

Did you know that the Downer Technical Team is on hand to deal with any support you may need for all your rainscreen subframe needs? Our in-house team has extensive expertise and thanks to significant investment in precision engineering technology we’re able to provide optimised static and thermal calculations.

Find out more about our industry leading team below. 

Say hello to a few faces which are probably already very familiar if you work within the UK  framing industry.

Earlier in the week I had the opportunity of catching up with the Downer Technical team, to find out a little more about the kind of support they offer, you, our customers. What follows is a ‘snapshot’ of the difference they are already making to the Downer rainscreen framing team, along with a sneak preview of more exciting things to come.

We have already introduced Nick, so we won’t harbour on to much about how wonderful he is. Let’s just say, those who know him, know just how knowledgeable he is on all things framing.

Nick Eckers – Downer Framing Technical Manager 

‘I’m the Technical Manager for Downer Framing, I’m responsible for providing technical support to our nationwide Downer customers. I work closely with the sales team and am very hands on when it comes to client service. Quite often I will organise to accompany the team when they see clients to ensure our customers optimise their rainscreen framing solution. My principle role is to provide technical expertise, yet it is an all-encompassing role and I am also on-hand to help the sales team as much as possible.’

Just as each day is different, no two clients or framing solution are the same, therefore my role is diverse and challenging. Now that Downer Designer has recently launched and Downer Framing has three new rainscreen framing systems to offer, it’s a key time of growth, which means I’m also going to be busy putting a robust technical support team in place, working alongside Juan Barato.

Introducing Graham Webber – Downer Framing Technical Estimator

Graham Webber needs little introduction, having also worked many years alongside Nick and supporting our Downer Framing sales team – Andy Creedy and Hannah Lawrence in their previous roles.

‘I’m extremely pleased to be working alongside my old team, in a new setting, as it were. It’s very reassuring. Even though it’s been an intense learning phase as it always is when you start somewhere new – the immediate team I’m surrounded by and work with on a daily basis are familiar faces. I would like to add that my new colleagues have been extremely supportive. Juan especially has been crucial in helping me find my feet quickly and is always on hand to help should I need.

It feels in a lot of ways that I’ve changed the brand I work for, but essentially what I’m doing stays the same – supporting customers and the sales team, and helping them optimise their rainscreen framing calculations. The investment made into the latest technology and of course, Downer Designer, ensures we can be very responsive and the software is incredible. I hope we’ll be able to share more about this in coming weeks.

We can’t give any secrets away, but what I can tell you, is that this is the first time I’ve seen a thermal calculation tool that offers 3D optimisation models in such a way as it does.

Some days I’m home based and dealing with technical queries and project support, and other days I may be out on site helping solve technical issues. The role is very much adapted to the needs of our clients and sales team.’

Both Nick and Graham are working under the expert guidance and with the support of our Technical Director, Juan Barato.

Juan has been instrumental in developing the technical excellence of both our Petrarch reconstituted stone rainscreen facade offer and Downer rainscreen framing systems. Over the past couple of years especially, he has worked relentlessly to develop a facade and framing solution which ensures Architectural Panel Solutions is at the top of its game within the facade material market.

‘I’ve been developing the technical excellence of our products for a number of years now and today it feels like we’re in a superb position to power further forward. Particularly as we now have top-class additions to our Downer rainscreen framing technical team, with Nick and Graham on board. I’m confident that we have the perfect mix to continue developing our outstanding products, brand and provide best-in-class technical support for our customers.


‘We now have everything in place to provide truly first-class engineering support for our Downer rainscreen framing systems, and help our customers throughout the lifespan of their rainscreen framing project. The software we now have at our dispense is incredible and it’s a game changer. This, supported by a team with such in-depth technical expertise ensures we have a ‘top-class’ rainscreen framing solution to rival market leaders.’

We cannot wait to see more Juan and I’m sure you’ll share more in the coming weeks.

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